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Ziss Story

About Us
Making strong strides in the retail markets and marching ahead in today’s working atmosphere requires everyone to have “Know Everything That Is New” attitude. Thus, business houses are turning to services and solutions that boost the performance and provide the competitive advantage. And ZiSS with its slew of services and offerings is clearly on its path to become a prominent and well known name in the market. Slowly and surely we are seizing the interests of businesses and our customers with our top-of-the-line retail services and solutions. At ZiSS, we specialize in producing top notch leather products, chemicals, textiles and accessories. As mentioned earlier ZiSS stands for ‘Zooming In on Sustainable Solutions’ is synonymous to high quality and customer satisfaction and we strive and work towards providing short and long-term solutions to our customers. Our team of designers and executives is dedicated to offer modern age cutting edge designs and products when it comes to leather products.

Right from the beginning of our operations, ZiSS has been instrumental in shaping and formalizing the process of retail marketing of leather products as we supply finished leather to a host of manufacturers of leather products. What has made us a trusted partner of our customers is our ability to provide finest finished leather at competitive prices.