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Leather Production

The ZISS Facility
Every order undergoes comprehensive testing to guarantee compliance with industry quality standards for performance and flammability. The use of hides and skins, tanned or untanned, as useful articles has been with us for many years. Tanning, in simple terms, refers to the treatment of raw hides and skins with tanning substances to render the material immune to bacterial attack, ie to produce leather. Additional changes introduced in the process of tanning are secondary and are related to the tanning and re-tanning chemicals used. There are hundreds of different leather types and tens of thousands of different chemicals to choose from when producing these leathers. The most important chemicals in the tanning process are the tanning agents as they define the process of leather manufacture as a whole. In this modern day and age, tanners will choose tanning chemicals based on price, convenience of use, environmental issues, and by matching the physical and aesthetic properties introduced by the tanning chemicals to the desired leather properties of the end product. A basic knowledge of the general processes involved in leather production, the tanner's true raw material ie collagen, the pre-tanning, tanning and re-tanning chemicals used in the production of leather, and the mechanistic interaction of tanning chemicals, are all factors which are important in order to appreciate just part of the intricate process of leather manufacture.

Located in the Ranipet and Chennai, ZiSS Enterprises has access to the latest developments in leather technology and to a labor force skilled and knowledgeable in leather production. Our capital investment in facility improvements and in new state-of-the art leather manufacturing equipment reaffirms our commitment, promise and obligation to producing high quality, innovative and finest leather.

Producing high quality leather begins with acquiring the best raw materials. At ZISS, we accept only the finest hides and skins from around the world to ensure we are providing our customers with the best yield and finest quality. The vast majority of our leathers begin with the careful selection and control of crust procured from around the world. Once we have the hides in house they go through a multi level processing to complete the process and come out as finished fine leather. We also do Embossing and Texturing. In the end we carry out finishing which can be referred to as enhancing effect to the leather after it has been tanned.

Our Quality Control Standards
Our production units have well defined quality control process to ensure that our leather products meet the quality standards that match the industry. In addition to routine quality tests, we are also able to perform many other tests to meet a job’s specifications or submit our leather to an independent laboratory for certification. Because we are the manufacturer, controlling all production processes and retaining the exact formulas and retainer cuttings of each order, we have great control over dye lot variation and produce previous dye lots to match from year to year.