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Being one of the most efficient, natural and renewable resources leather holds many functional qualities, especially when it is used to create fine clothing and apparel. Not only does leather sustain a longer life when it is comparerd to other fabrics, it also repels moisture and protects from heat cold and wind. Thus it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the softer the leather feels, the better quality leather it is. Our wide varieties of hides imported from all over the world are naturally softer and more comfortable. At ZiSS, Our passion goes beyond leather we are craftsmen and artists of finest leather. It is our life passion and goes beyond our profession.

We take great pride in our level of workmanship and customer service. As a qualified and seasoned, hands-on manufacturer, product quality and customer responsiveness are the keystones of our business. ZiSS’s product lines feature dozens of collections and come in hundreds of standard colors. Custom colors in any of our standard products are available with a swift turn-around time. We also supply genuine woven leathers, embroidered leathers, specialty leather products such as floor and wall tiles, and 3M Scotchgard™ is also available for our leather products. We use both full grain and top grain hides to design and manufacture our leather. Each hide comes with its own unique story. Full-grain hides are not sanded or buffed on the surface of the hide. Top-grain hides go through a light buffing process to help the leather better absorb dye and minimize the appearance of blemishes on its surface. However, all through this the natural markings on each hide remain intact and visible. As the hides are carefully removed for drying, we see the remarkable transformation from rough and wrinkled crusts to smooth, supple, full-grained leather of outstanding quality and character. At ZiSS we realize that It takes time, skill and dedication to achieve outstanding results in any natural material; every hide is treated as an individual project.

About Our Leather
We are craftsmen and artisans, of finest leather sourcing the finest hides from around the globe, then dyeing and finishing the leather to our customer’s precise specifications. We have complete control over the entire leather-making process. With more than 30 years of leather manufacturing experience and a large state-of-the-art facility, ZISS Leather is able to offer customers a complete-line of services. Leathers have been in use since the dawn of civilization. Ziss Enterprises has proudly deployed a complete state-of-the-art Tannery unit in Ranipet and Leather unit in Chennai. Not only are our units environmentally safe, the whole process yields finest supple quality leather that matches the industry standards and can be rapidly used in production.